Hosts / Regular Guests

Hosts / Regular Guests

Stuart Clark
Stuart is an IT Geek, writer, podcaster and loves learning about new things.  He focuses on the tech and civic engagement sectors in his blogs and podcasts.

When not on the air, he is Vice Chair of the London Public Library and works as an IT specialist for London Life.

Derek Silva
As a fan of technology since my early years, Derek is extremely proficient with most technological devices, from the basic stuff like TVs and DVD players, all the way up to web servers, computer network architecture, and the latest smartphones.

He’s a Production Coordinator at Olio Digital Labs, owner of CleverHost, and the co-host of the Canadian Tech Podcast! Oh, and he prefers Windows and Linux over Mac OS.

Jamieson Roberts
Jamieson is a tech geek and musician. He has his own small business doing media and web work, but often gets distracted on twitter by talking tech and civic engagement.