CTP Ep. 126 – Jul 30, 2017: Vacuum Tube Me Up, Scotty

CTP Ep. 126 – Jul 30, 2017: Vacuum Tube Me Up, Scotty

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Hosts & Guests

  • Stuart Clark
  • Derek Silva
  • Juleigh Giberson

Juleigh Giberson is a research assistant at the Hospitality and Tourism Research Institute at Ryerson University, and a 4th year Bachelor of Commerce student. She’s co-authored three papers on Virtual Reality, one of which was the recipient of Best Paper Award at the 2017 Tourism & Sports Management Division at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference, and one was a finalist for Best Paper Award at the 2017 Travel & Tourism Research Association Conference. She has also conducted her own research on Gen Y and VR, which she presented at the 3rd Global Hospitality & Tourism Conference in Hong Kong.

Talking about VR in the hospitality & tourism space with Juleigh

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What are you up to lately?

  • Stuart – Job hunting, working on some e-guides in the backup space. Busy first half of the week ahead.
  • Derek – Another week of soccer in the can, got to see my oldest play hockey this morning, still enjoying the pool, installed HTTP/2 across all CleverHost servers yesterday, some freelance work, and have a Council meeting this Wednesday, and we’re going to Fireside Conference!
  • Juleigh – VR focus groups

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